Sparkling Ice Embarcadero Takeover
There are few American cities more vibrant than San Francisco, making it the perfect place to showcase Sparkling Ice’s bright personality. Bubbles, splashes and fruit flooded every space available at the Embarcadero Station, teasing transit riders from the moment they entered til the second they left. With all that room, each flavor had the chance to speak their mind (e.g., flirt shamelessly).
Hyatt Gold Passport Global Promotion
The richest points promotion in all the land. No, really. Hyatt Gold Passport offered a special promotion to entice non-members and pat existing ones on the back. Extensive digital and in-hotel messaging hit on what really matters: the points you can earn and some idea-starters for where to take them.
Sparkling Ice Trolls
A partnership with Dreamworks Trolls was a colorful opportunity to raise awareness of Sparkling Ice and to drive traffic and conversion to the themed rewards program. The campaign included packaging, out-of-home, print, digital and a newly Trollified
charlieuniformtango Digital
Post-production house charlieuniformtango is Dallas-based and world class. They wanted a website that told their story in as few words as possible so clearing way for the reels became the main purpose. Swinging the spotlight the other way, CUT's Flex Your Specs contest invited emerging filmmakers and writers to submit their spec script for the chance to have it produced.
ExxonMobil Outlook for Energy
The yearly Outlook series of reports is part of ExxonMobil’s forecasting efforts. It’s a ton of industry insider communications but needs to be friendly enough for anyone who happens across it. Challenge accepted.
American Airlines eLearning
To increase booking volume and efficiency, AACargo needed to show their customers why online booking saved them time and money. The goal of an eLearning course was to take a tech-phobic newbie through the entire process, outlining every step in simple, friendly detail.
Hyatt Gold Passport Welcome
To let new members know what they’re getting into, Hyatt Gold Passport needed a straightforward handshake and lots of friendly checkins. The goal: to get everyone joining Hyatt excited about traveling to more stays in more places. It was a handily attained goal.
Conifer Health Campaign
Conifer Health is a major player in the coordinated care world, facilitating all the behind-the-scenes logistics magic for networks. This brand-forward campaign was designed to stand out and incite intrigue in C-level professionals who leaf discerningly through medical publications.
A collection of logo designs from over the years.
Drawings (mostly digital) that I've done (mostly for fun).
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